Introduction; my name is Nicole Murphy and I am a student at The University of Strathclyde and I am currently studying a BA Education and Social Services. This is my final year of the course and to complete it I am carrying out a study on what implications social media can potentially have on young people. My study will entail a range of primary and secondary research. I plan to carry out a survey, focus group and potentially interviews with young people. 

Title: A study on the positives and negatives social media can have on a young person’s emotional health and well-being.

Who can take part in the study:  Those aged 16 years – 24 years old are eligible for the study.

Purpose of the study:
Social media is a huge factor in many young lives in this digital age. More and more young people have unlimited access to social media sites and there are many cases of this being detrimental to their health and well-being. However, it could be said that there are positives which match the negatives and I would like to investigate these further by speaking to those who use social media the most, the young people themselves.

Methods of the
research: Firstly, there will be a link to a questionnaire available and if you are interested contact me through the email address below to take part in a focus group where we will discuss similar topics which are involved in the case study.

The data collection: The data which will be collected from online surveys will be completely confidential. The answers which are collected and analysed from this, I hope, will create the base of questions for focus groups. Once the information is analysed it will remain on a secure server of Strathclyde University and all names and any information which could compromise confidentiality will be altered. This data will not be shared will anyone other than those reading the completed study. I plan to voice record any focus groups or one to one
interviews with your consent. These will be transcript ensuring anonymity is respected and the voice recording will be destroyed.

If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact me at the following email address –

My email address:

Link to questionnaire: 


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